Sculpture garden & contemporary fine art on historic Canyon Road

Sheryl Zacharia and Jamie Chase Exhibition December 2, 2022 4-6pm: Meet the artists

Exhibition dates December 2-15, 2022

Show dates:  December 2-15, 2022 Kay Contemporary Art announces a two-artist show in conjunction with the Canyon Road Fireside Chats, on Friday, December 2, from 4 to 6 p.m., introducing new ceramic sculptures by Sheryl Zacharia and new paintings by Jamie Chase. Farolitos and refreshments will add to the enjoyment of meeting and chatting with both artists.

Sheryl Zacharia explained “The abstract shapes and painted surfaces are influenced by my music and painting backgrounds, pattern and form are rhythm, palette is harmony, lines and shapes are lyrical. When I see beauty in life or art I want to repeat it somehow in a unique and meaningful way. I’m striving to make visual poetry.”




Jamie Chase has come to understand “evolution” through his artwork. The artist’s abstracted figures have become his companions on this lifelong journey. The female nudes at times become so abstract as to seem like columns of pure internal energy. They’re inseparable from their surroundings, encapsulated by external energy fields of pure color.





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