Sculpture garden & contemporary fine art on historic Canyon Road

Rick Stevens Exhibition

Opening Reception July 1st Friday 5-7pm.          Exhibition Dates: July 1st-15th

48×32″ oil on panel, $11,000. Inquire

KAY CONTEMPORARY ART announces an exhibition of new paintings by Rick Stevens

Rick Stevens guide us to tap into something greater than ourselves. He creates works with captivating intimacy. One can feel the aliveness of every aspen tree with its own colorful mark-makings; yet there’s a sweet harmony within an entire grove, a sense of shared delight in their graceful beauty. As we gaze more deeply into the landscape, our senses are enlivened: one hears the river with its enthused or gentle flow; the winds are felt as leaves scurry & stir. We are taken into the energy within all things, the life force present in all.

“I think of nature as a continuous flow of shapes and patterns of energy that has, or more precisely is, an intelligent force. There has been a resurgence in the field of science (especially in physics) that corresponds with the domain of the mystics. Matter and energy are interchangeable, all the forces and particles in nature are one, just different ripples on the ocean of consciousness: a unified field”

“My compositions are infused with an overall light that is all inclusive. A sort of self generating light rather than one coming from an external source. This doesn’t allow anything to read as separate from the whole. There is diversity, just like in the natural world, but there is an underlying unity that is apparent.”

Rick Stevens currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, painting both in his studio and plein-air. The nearby aspen groves and rivers in the Santa Fe forest are his constant companions.

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