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Kevin & Jennifer Box’s Book, Origami In the Garden: $110.00. Shipping is additional. 

Wonderful things are worth the work—and the wait. ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN co-creators, Jennifer and Kevin Box are extremely excited to announce the publication of the traveling exhibition’s coffee table book. This beautiful full-color masterpiece was printed in Padua, Italy, home to the world’s first botanical garden, established in 1545.

We feel especially connected to Padua since our sculptures are created first in paper, and paper comes from plants. Plants make up gardens, and public gardens are awe inspiring settings for our sculpture exhibition. Thus, the process that produced this book reflects the creative cycles of the botanical world.

Our hope is that this book will answer many of the questions that naturally arise when viewers experience the art: How did this all start? Who is the team behind this exhibition? What is involved in translating origami into metal sculpture? When? Where? Why?

Virtually all the book’s text came out of a collaborative process between Jennifer and Kevin Box, the origami artists, and writer Gussie Fauntleroy. Through a series of interviews over a period of months, Gussie listened and asked questions as each of the artists described their backgrounds, processes, and sources of inspiration. Additional conversations ensured that the writing accurately reflects each artists’ experience and perspective. Gussie also translated Kevin’s written notes, spoken thoughts, and intentions into brief descriptions of all the artworks.

A very limited quantity of the Collector’s Edition Artist Proof is available. This special edition includes a beautiful cialux Italian linen clamshell slipcase with an origami crane foil stamped on the front of the shell as well as on the cover of the book and the title of the book is foil stamped on the spine. Especially unique, it is signed by all six artists and the author.

Signed by: Kevin Box, Jennifer Box, Te Jui Fu, Beth Johnson, Michael G. LaFosse, Robert J. Lang and Gussie Fauntleroy, author

Only 25 copies of the Collector’s Edition Artist Proof were printed and just 15 copies remain available for purchase. Collector’s Edition Artist Proof is $1000.

This individually shrink wrapped book has cialux Italian linen with the foil stamped origami crane on the front with the title foil stamped on the spine.

We hope the stories in this book, and the artwork itself, will inspire you to reflect on the beauty and immense potential for peace and positive change that lies within each of us and within this troubled, magnificent world.




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