Sculpture garden & contemporary fine art on historic Canyon Road

Making art provides a means to spiritual regeneration. It encourages me to work and live in tune with the energies of life, whether inspiration is external or internal. With each medium I select a process involving gradual change. This allows for chance to be fundamental to the finished visual image, such as the layering of watercolor washes into light and shapes, the individual pictographs within the overall grid format, or the gradations of color interacting with figurative elements in the gouache paintings. It is important to remain open and accepting as each painting evolves. This provides an opportunity to learn something about myself, my work, and perhaps nature in general. Sometimes the imagery is very complex and dissonant, and sometimes a painting resonates with clarity and simplicity. The idea is not to settle on evoking one state or another, but to say yes to the fluctuating energies that exist within and around us.


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