Sculpture garden & contemporary fine art on historic Canyon Road


Jessica Pisano is a contemporary artist creating paintings inspired by nature. Artwork is created with oil, silver and gold leaf.

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Sarah Bienvenu

As an artist, I have always been inspired by nature — it is my muse. Birds and trees are the main characters in my paintings. I am both interested and intrigued by the comparison and contrast of these subjects, as well as their individual symbolism. Whereas birds embody a sense of freedom and transcendence — the link between heaven and earth — trees epitomize strength, wisdom, stability and growth — the nobel character with roots firmly planted in the earth while its branches sway up into the sky, reaching out in polar opposite directions. Together, these varying symbolisms of each create balance: the yin to the yang. This balance found in nature is what I am interested in exploring and portraying in my work — my paintings are not intended to convey a specific message, but rather to evoke an emotion from the viewer. How the viewer interprets it is left to his or her own response. 



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